Marketing before you start

I spoke to a student at the beginning of her schooling to become a registered massage therapist. She feels there are many opportunities for her because there is a demand for her services in the marketplace. Employers recognize the importance of massage from a registered massage therapist in the workforce as it reduces stress, promotesContinue reading “Marketing before you start”

Fundamental Business Roles

In my career, I’ve seen many people struggle with understanding their role in their business; that’s because I believe there are 4 types of roles and one person cannot do all four. Some of the roles can be personality traits; a dreamer struggles with detailed activities while a detailed person struggles with exploring new conceptsContinue reading “Fundamental Business Roles”

Business start up

A wealthy man entertained me with his thoughts on how we can make our millions. This prospect intrigued me, so I listened intently. The concepts to becoming wealthy are quite simple, buy low and sell high, surround yourself with like minded people, take action, be confident and decisive, know your stuff, do your research, andContinue reading “Business start up”

Winning the Financial Game

I was watching a program on television the other day that spoke of being successful in your financial life. The concepts were complex to me. I listened and watched but nothing seemed to make sense, so I thought I’d write this blog to help my clients work towards their financial successes. Are you winning theContinue reading “Winning the Financial Game”

Breaking down the front door

I have many solicitors trying to connect with me and because I don’t want or need their products or services, I feel bombarded. It is often because they use high pressure sales techniques and that they aren’t listening to what I really want. When I am interested in their products or services, I feel likeContinue reading “Breaking down the front door”

Business planning

The lack of a business plan is the biggest error most business owners make, in my opinion. As an accountant, here in Hamilton, I see many clients get frustrated because they are not achieving results. Business Plans don’t need to be complex or out of reach, but they are the measuring stick for business ownersContinue reading “Business planning”

Goal Setting

Are your goals and your dreams for your life written down? If not, they should be! I allow my mind to relax and focus on my dreams. I write them down, read them out loud, and rewrite them several times to confirm that I want to achieve them. This becomes my purpose in life. IContinue reading “Goal Setting”

HST simplified

As an accountant, here in Hamilton, Ontario, I have many of my clients ask questions about HST because they don’t understand it very well even though the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are doing a good job presenting the information. If you feel this way, you are not alone. HST HST is the harmonized sales taxContinue reading “HST simplified”

Sole Proprietorship vs Corporation

Many people want to know if they should incorporate or start a sole proprietorship (business). As an accountant, here in Hamilton, Ontario, I want to help people decide. I want to focus on some of the many reasons to incorporate; For the most part, whether you have a business or corporation, the concept of runningContinue reading “Sole Proprietorship vs Corporation”