Marketing before you start

I spoke to a student at the beginning of her schooling to become a registered massage therapist. She feels there are many opportunities for her because there is a demand for her services in the marketplace. Employers recognize the importance of massage from a registered massage therapist in the workforce as it reduces stress, promotes a healthier body, encourages relaxation, and more. Some health benefit plans pay for it and employers control the types of benefits paid to their employees and set the benefit limits. We know that the healthier the employee, the better the performance, which creates a better return.
How to start Marketing your start up business
I agree with her intentions and wish to support her endeavors, so I shared some ideas with her. Since she is just starting out and won’t be in business for a few years, it would be challenging to have interest from the public because people would be looking for treatment she can’t do yet, however it is important to start a web presence and have followers. She already had friends on Facebook and Instagram. These are her friends and family and this is a good start.
These are my recommendations:
1. Pick a name that is personal and enjoyable. Make it classy, respectable, and usable for many years to come. All the efforts you make will promote this name so you don’t want to change it or throw it away. It is changeable but you lose the work put in building it. There are many things to consider:
a. Do you wish to have a legacy? Using your last name will create that. i.e. Ford
b. Do you wish to build a larger business to sell later? Create perhaps a more generic name to sell to anyone who wishes to keep the name. i.e. Capital Foundations Inc.
c. Do you wish to keep it simple and have it for only a few years? You can use your own name. i.e. Julia’s Gourmet Dog Treats
d. Select and create a name that fits. Do research on the name and ensure that the name is not already registered to another business. i.e. Apple
2. Create a website with that name. This is inexpensive to create and keep but it has value. In today’s technological presence, we all need a website for our business. If nothing else, have your contact information and location if applicable. People go to the web to find you.
3. Create a Google page and make sure you are visible on their maps (if applicable). I’m not sure of the other maps but I’m sure they are good too. You want people to find you.
4. Start Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other reasonably easy to update social media. Write often and regularly even if it’s a simple post. Write blogs on your progress in school for example or on something, you just learned that fascinated you.
5. Get followers and start by asking your friends and family because they will be most likely your first customers.
I wish you luck and good fortune. This is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood accountant.