Fundamental Business Roles

In my career, I’ve seen many people struggle with understanding their role in their business; that’s because I believe there are 4 types of roles and one person cannot do all four. Some of the roles can be personality traits; a dreamer struggles with detailed activities while a detailed person struggles with exploring new concepts and ideas not experienced yet. In my opinion, these needed roles are in all types and sizes of businesses.
Roles of people in a business
To me, we can break down these necessary roles like this:
1. Visionary – Generally, the owner is the dreamer, but doesn’t have to be. All businesses need a dreamer. Someone who wants to take risks and wants to explore areas of the industry not yet attempted. This provides growth and ambition for the business.
2. Manager – This would be the CEO or the President. Their role is to manage the day-to-day stuff, to make sure we are following the dream, and make policies and procedures. Without this person, there is chaos and waste.
3. Craftsman – These are the professionals who understand the true depths of their field, like accountants and engineers. Hire these people on a part-time bases or as a consultant but without expertise, we risk failure and unnecessary errors.
4. Doers – These are the front-line people. They could be sales clerks, assembly line workers, servers, cooks, and more. All businesses need this.
Since we need all of these roles, the owner/operator has to do all of them. Since we don’t possess all these traits, we struggle with doing some of them, but there is hope; we can hire the individual people eventually or we can sub-contract some of the roles, even and especially part time. In the meanwhile, be creative, manage your business, hire the expertise as needed, and do the work until you can hire your replacement.
Brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood accountant.
Keep things simple!