Breaking down the front door

I have many solicitors trying to connect with me and because I don’t want or need their products or services, I feel bombarded. It is often because they use high pressure sales techniques and that they aren’t listening to what I really want. When I am interested in their products or services, I feel like most of them don’t care about me, they just want to make a sale. Most solicitations are not wanted because I don’t want or need the product or service. This situation happens to me so frequently that I’m accustomed to the sales person’s pressure to buy; when this happens, I simply tell them I’m not interested and if they continue to sell, I definitely will not buy from them. It shows a lack of respect.
Sometimes, you may need to speak to the person who makes the decisions while doing business and there are a few techniques that can help you achieve this. Set yourself apart from the crowd with the tips below, as most salespeople don’t move beyond their script.
How to break down the front door?
The doorkeepers can be an assistant, a receptionist, or the decision maker pretending not to be there. Here are a few ideas and concepts that might help you break through the front door.
1. Be respectful to the decision maker’s needs and constraints. Once you disrespect someone, you lost him or her for life. I personally will not speak to anyone who will not respect my time or answer my questions. Be prepared to go off the script to answer the few basic questions a future customer might have.
2. Build a relationship and be trustworthy. Many don’t buy from people they don’t know or trust.
3. Be respectful to the person answering the phone. Even if they are not the decision maker, they have influence. I know if my assistant or colleagues say that the salesperson was disrespectful once they found out who they were, I will not return the call or entertain their requests.
4. Determine the clients true needs and wants. You have an opportunity to learn what a client wants or needs by asking questions. Once you fill that need, they want you to fill another need.
Having a script works and for most people, it’s needed, but be prepared to deviate from the script when the situation calls for it. Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood accountant.
Keep things simple!