Where is my business going?

I visited the Concession Street Fest on the weekend, and the energy and friendly people in their kiosks selling their products delighted me.  While I was there, I spoke to a few merchants about their business.  One person I spoke to said to me, and I quote “I don’t need an accountant, I’m too small.” Continue reading “Where is my business going?”

What to do with a review letter from CRA?

The answer to this question is not as stressful as some people think.  The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is simply asking for confirmation of information.  It is best to read the letter to determine if it’s an audit or simply a review.  The audit will request information and an appointment to review your information whileContinue reading “What to do with a review letter from CRA?”

Tax Deadlines

Deadlines: Personal tax returns – Taxes and filing of the return are due the last day of April unless it falls on a weekend then it will be the first business day in May. Sole proprietorship – Taxes are due the same day as the personal tax however, the actual return is due June 15thContinue reading “Tax Deadlines”